Bentley To Pull All Stops To Compete With Dacia Duster! Enter Bentley Project 4.01!

Apr 03, 2017 04:00 AM EDT | Paul Urban

It is interesting how an important company-wide initiative and action plan can stem from a simple comparison video. Bentley is serious on keeping its momentum as one of the most sought after brand because of its cars. With this, it is expected to pull all stops to compete with Dacia Duster. Welcome Bentley Project 4.01!

This plan of action is brought about by a comparison video made by a French auto site Auto Moto where both Bentley Bentayga and Dacia Duster were up against each other. While these two SUVs are considered worlds apart, with Bentley Bentayga belonging to the luxurious side and Duster as a more affordable alternative, the comparison revealed valuable insights.

From the video, the journalists decided to call it a draw between the Duster and Bentayga. Even with no winner proclaimed, Bentley took this review seriously and decided to deal with the Duster once and for all. Because of this, Bentley officials decided to build an SUV that would directly compete with the Duster. The goal is to have an SUV that is going to be as affordable and would offer the same off-roading capabilities as the Duster.

Also, Bentley is reported to have a little touch of British class inside in the form of wood veneer and hand-stitched leather. Other ornaments and accessories are expected to be added as well to give it more class and style. This Duster rival is called Bentley Project 4.01 and will be extremely limited for only having 401 units available.

It is easy to understand why Bentley decided to deal with the Dacia Duster head-on. Aside from its fantastic value for money, it also has a spacious interior for being able to seat five comfortably. It may not be able to entirely keep up against the most capable off-roaders, but for its price and long travel suspension, it still delivers. The long travel suspension and soft set-up translate to the car absorbing bad bumps with greater composure.

Bentley to pull all stops to compete with Dacia Duster is something taken into serious consideration. While Dacia Duster is not too famous all over the world as compared to Bentley, the latter is still bent on getting the supremacy that rightfully belongs to them.

The inception of Bentley Project 4.01 may simply end the competition altogether. Meanwhile, watch the video below as this is what sparked Bentley's decision to come up with Duster's competition.

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