Kia E Badge To Replace The K Logo In Korea?

Apr 01, 2017 12:52 AM EDT | Paula

Kia has a new logo that was featured in the 2017 Seoul Auto Show. Instead of K, the company will now be using an E logo on their local Korean cars.

This logo has been rumored to be used in an upcoming electric car that Kia will produce. Therefore, car enthusiasts were not surprised when they featured it on their new Kia Stinger.

The E logo symbolizes the maximized performance of its rear-wheel driving. It also stands for the company's new theme "'Engineered by Excellence."

Aside from that, the logo means Exclusive, Exquisite and Evolutionary. The new logo symbolizes the car's new premium line-up.

However, this logo will only be available in its home South Korea. When it is shipped internationally, the car will have its normal Kia logo. The company did this because its Kia badge seemed to attract more people than just the E-logo.

"The models unveiled in the two motor shows were each aimed at attracting local customers in the United States and Europe. But the company has yet to decide on what kind of engine models it will launch in the domestic market," a spokesperson of Kia said.

Kia comes with two logos a text-based symbol that is used internationally and a K logo used in South Korea. Over the years, the logo has been used by Korean consumers.

For those who doesn't know about this, the logo is a stylized K that is appealing to its local consumers. It has a diagonal double-line and a lack of vertical backbone.

This Korean logo also has different variation like the 3.0 K logo. This logo actually became so popular that Kia owners replace their logo to this emblem.

Kia is the old car maker in Korea in 1944. Before making cars, the company is known as a bicycle manufacturer.

The name Kia came from Ki that means arise or come up out of, A that means Asia. When you put them together, it means "rising out of Asia." To date, there has been no official reason as to why Kia decided to replace its logo to an E logo.

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