Jeep To Reveal Special Concept At Easter Jeep Safari 2017

Mar 30, 2017 06:00 PM EDT | Lasitha

It is the 51st year for the Easter Jeep Safari. Jeep is all set to bring in special concepts at the safari. Last year, it rolled out some wild concepts at its 50th Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah.

Jeep has always displayed a new outlook wherein it took a modern stance on the classics. It has shown to the world concepts like a forward cab truck atop a modern Wrangler chassis. Jeep was not hesitant to put together a Wrangler with an awesome 707-horsepower Hellcat engine. These were concepts that were out of the ordinary. While the previous year's concepts were good, Jeep has fresher concepts to reveal in the safari to be held in 2017.

It is reported that Jeep is releasing two new concepts in 2017. It has already teased the concepts. The concepts are named Switchback and the Quicksand. It is said that there are more surprises in the kitty which Jeep has not revealed yet, reported CNet.

The Quicksand has a tough exterior. It looks like it is built for raising some dust. The action is what is all written all over the vehicle. This is what is revealed from the sketch that was exposed. Also, it can be seen that the front wheel of the vehicle seems obscenely far away from the rest of the vehicle. Also, there is a proper roll cage behind the front row, reported Daily Paper.

The Switchback looks closely like a proper safari vehicle. The vehicle does not have doors. It only has safari bars in place of its doors. Also, the vehicle has a top over the cargo area that looks like it should be easily removed. The name that is given to the vehicle, Switchback, also reveals a lot about the vehicle.

Jeep does not deter from rolling out concepts every year. This year it is going to be these two concepts.

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