Nintendo NES Classic Edition Stocks News: Few At Amazon; Best Buy Promo Is Sold Out; Other Updates Here

Mar 30, 2017 09:00 AM EDT | Gerone Trish


Nintendo NES Classic Edition inventory update may not likely please the waiting customers. Unfortunately, stocks are depleting way too fast! Here is an updated list of inventory from major stores online.

The inventory level for the highly clamored Nintendo NES Classic Edition has been extremely erratic the past weeks. Although Nintendo has committed to continue production of the classic console, its replenishment seems to be so few it never satisfies the increasing demand.

It seems also that the anxious customers were religiously monitoring the stock level and were so quick to tick "buy" to grab their own unit of the phenomenal console. The moment an online store changes its "sold out" status to a substantial inventory level, the units seem to be gone in a snap!

Recently, BEST BUY announced its promo for the Nintendo NES Classic Edition through its official Twitter account. The store offered the classic console with the original price tag of $59.99 only. Unfortunately, the stocks flew in an instant and the link now reflects a "sold out" status.

Looking at the reactions of the anxious customers at the Twitter post of Best Buy, there were some who confirmed they were able to finally secure their own unit. However, many were still not able to grab their unit.

According to the comments, the ordering process was lagging and the customers missed their chance as stocks got depleted really fast. Others complained about the longer payment process which eventually resulted to a failed transaction due to depleted stocks.

Meanwhile, here is some good news for the anxious buyers of the Nintendo NES Classic Edition. The inventory status at AMAZON now reflects several units on hand. You may want to click this link now before stocks run out.

As of press time, Amazon notes "only 14 left in stock" from one seller of the Nintendo NES Classic Edition which sells the console for $167.00 plus shipping cost. However, buyers can still check the other sellers on the site to verify inventory as there is no stock level update provided.

Checking out the sites of the other online stores, majority are now reflecting a "sold out" status for the Nintendo NES Classic Edition.

GAMESTOP. Unfortunately, GameStop still does not have any stocks for the classic console now.

NEWEGG. There is no longer any stock of the mini console at Newegg. As per our previous report, the stock level was up, although it came with a more expensive price tag of $199.99/pc. It seems that some buyers did not mind the pricey tag as the stock level is now down to zero.

TARGET. As of press time, the site of Target still reflects zero inventory.

Moving forward, we will continue to monitor the inventory level of Nintendo NES Classic Edition. We will continue to serve you with detailed updates to help you find your own unit of the beloved gaming console. For now, you may want to rush to click the link of Amazon before the inventory gets depleted soon too.

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