‘The Winds of Winter’ New Plot Theory: GRRM To End The Novel Like The ‘Black Death’ Plague?

Mar 30, 2017 05:20 AM EDT | Gerone Trish


A new plot theory for "The Winds of Winter" has surfaced pointing to a similarity in the "Black Death" plague plot where millions of people died and the survivors struggled to transition into new beginnings. Is this the same plot George R.R. Martin has in mind to end his novel?

New reports circulate a new theory on the possible plot for the highly anticipated "The Winds of Winter." The theory popped up from a Reddit discussion on how GRRM could possibly end the sixth novel of "A Song of Ice and Fire."

Reddit user Musicjoe11 mentioned a quote on the Black Plague which he believes could be how George R. R. Martin is planning to end "TWoW" novel. The Reddit user posted an excerpt from a medieval quote by Barbara Tuchman in 1978.

The quote speaks about the Black Plague, which is a pandemic that led to the death of millions of people in the medieval era. The Reddit user began the quote from the time when the plague has ended, where survivors are at a loss, only to realize that there is no significant meaning embedded in the pain they are harboring.

Barbara Tuchman discussed the possible causes behind the massive destruction. The catastrophes could have been God-ordained and since His purposes are commonly full of mysteries, the survivors could not understand why they ended up in such morbid situation.

However, it was also mentioned in the quote that God may not have anything to do with the plague at all. Survivors after the plague may be experiencing the lifeless winter season as a consequence of their actions and not because of God's wrath.

The quote also emphasized how the people began to question. Eventually, the survivors were forced to have a change of mind as well.

Towards the end of the quote, it was mentioned that "the Black Death may have been the unrecognized beginning of modern man." This seems to suggest the transition from being lifeless to the beginning of life again.

According to Musicjoe11, "The Winds of Winter" may end with the Westeros being taken down into slavery. The Black Plague storyline could be the closest plot for the ending of the novel. He envisions the same scenario from the Black Plague quote will most likely transpire in the end of the novel, where numerous deaths will be witnessed and Westeros will be lifeless during this winter season.

"The Winds of Winter" might probably include a similar turn of events from the Black Plague. As the book title suggests, it would be the season of winter, that period when people endure hardships despite the cold. It could be a picture of slavery and starvation after a catastrophe. But, from the age of slavery, people forced themselves to transform into the modern age of revolution as well.

As George R.R. Martin has already teased, fans awaiting "TWoW" will witness numerous and unexpected deaths when the upcoming "The Winds of Winter" novel is released. As previously reported, the renowned author mentioned a major twist in the upcoming "TWoW" novel. George R.R. Martin mentioned that his new concept for this major twist is so great that even the "Game of Thrones" show is not able to include it in the TV series.

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