Tesla Launches Corporate Fleet Program, Claims Model S and Model X As Perfect Company Cars

Mar 29, 2017 04:12 PM EDT | Joyce Vega

Since the year of 2003, Tesla has offered environment lovers the solution to their transportation needs. Their electric cars revolutionized the market and gave an affordable alternative to the fossil fueled cars. Now, Tesla launches its latest products, which are aimed towards company owners and corporate fleets. Will Tesla succeed in offering a deal so tempting, that corporate buyers will be unable to resist?

Teslarati reported that Tesla is releasing two new series “Model X” and “Model S”, which are oriented towards corporate buyers. Tesla stresses on the fact that their automobiles are much more economical than the standard car.

A customer by the name of Min Bhogaita is cited to promote “Model S”, claiming that even though the Tesla automobiles are 40% more expensive up-front, the car manages to pay the difference in price with lower maintenance and fuel costs. This makes the two models perfect for corporate environment, where the expenses should always be kept on the minimum. Among the technical advantages of the Tesla are the lower amount of moving parts, which makes the mechanism more reliable, technical checks performed by a specialized team and the lower fuel expenses, where the price on a kilometer can be cut in half.

Electrek has composed a list of Individual Driver and Corporate benefits for Tesla owners. The packet of received services and tax reliefs should be enough to secure a good place for Tesla on the corporate market. The Individual Driver benefits include low fuel costs and long distance travel, Car Pool lane access, fewer maintenance intervals and 7,500 Federal Credit.

The corporate benefits include an exemption of the 2,500 deposit individual clients make, reduced company car taxation, high vehicle safety and the lower fuel cost, which is a concern for citizen and companies alike. Will the company succeed on the corporate market, it is not sure, but Tesla have done everything they can to make the choice as tempting as possible. Tesla’s “Model X” and “Model S” will be released in the first half of 2017.

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