Bloodhound SSC Delays Speed Record Attempt Until 2018 Due To Funding Issues

Mar 29, 2017 04:00 AM EDT | Lasitha

It was promised earlier that the first high-speed runs for the 1,000mph rocket car will be held in 2017. However, the Bloodhound SSC world land speed record has been postponed due to funding issues. However, there are slow speed tests that are lined up for this year.

It is reported that the project is facing short-term cash flow problems as said by the Bloodhound SSC director, Richard Noble. The project is waiting on funds from new sponsorship deals. It is also said that the jet engines could require more power should the rocket car weigh more than initially expected, reported Auto Express.

However, some slow speed tests are scheduled for this year. It will be around 200mph.

At the same time, the car for the high-speed run is almost ready. It took more than 10,000 hours to design and manufacture. It is reported that the cockpit is around 200kg. It also has titanium steering wheels and is made using 3D printing.

Like a regular car, this car has pedals too. The right-hand pedal throttles the EJ200 jet engine and will be used to start the Car moving. The left pedal controls the wheel brakes and will be used to slow the Car at speeds below 200mph (321km/h), reported Road and Track.

The car has a carbon fiber seat. Also, the windshield is custom made and is thicker than that of a fighter jet. It is said that it will withstand an impact with a 1kg bird at a speed of 900mph. Also, the structure of the cockpit will also carry ballistic armor to protect the driver should a stone be thrown up from the wheels.

The meters that are used in the car are all high-tech. It is reported that analog Rolex dials being used. These are also being tested to withstand the high desert heat and vibration that comes with traveling at 1,000mph.

"The engineering team is choosing to be cautious now so we don't lose time - or underperform - when we're in the desert," Richard Noble said. "Temporary delays do not change our direction of travel! 2017 will be a milestone year for The BLOODHOUND Project and we are determined to be out in South Africa, challenging records, next year."

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