2018 BMW X5-Based Pickup: A Real Possibility? Pickup Concept Has Mixed Reactions

Mar 28, 2017 05:00 AM EDT | Paul Urban

The BMW X5-based pickup has been making headlines very recently as the concept was published. Though it is just a concept, the possibility for BMW to enter the pickup category may hold water. After all, when there's smoke, there's fire. Because of this, many have mixed feelings about BMW having its first pickup venture.

According to Car Scoops, though BMW having its own pickup line is somehow distant from happening, some officials from BMW have said that they will look closely at the success of Mercedes-Benz's X-Class. If this Mercedes-Benz venture takes off and is well-received, then the German car manufacturer may think of having its own pickup offering as well.

It was Indian Autos Blog where the concept came from. From the looks of it, it does look attractive, to say the least. The artist patterned the pickup after BMW X5 as it is fitted with black body cladding. There are also additional roof racks, off-roading tires, and small trunk bed with steel cage. Obviously, the BMW X5-based pickup will be made for serious off-roading.

It is also expected to come extra powerful. Basing it on the concept, BMW's pickup should be equipped with the latest and most advanced suspension technologies and maybe engines capable of producing over 400-horsepower and torque. It should have insane ground clearance to smoothly glide over any terrain it will be subjected to.

However, the pickup may just be for show. It may be made to have a different flavor but ultimately be used around for city driving and some towing, but not serious off-roading. At this point, guesses are welcome as this is just a concept.

As added by Top Speed, the concept of having a BMW pickup came about as early as the middle of last year. Based on their analysis, the BMW pickup will be made for serious off-roading action and may even be the ultimate hauling machine. Aside from beefed up engine and suspension, it may also use reinforced unibody chassis for towing and extra hauling.

The BMW X5-based pickup, if it ever comes to fruition will not happen until around 2020. Venturing into an unchartered territory for BMW needs a lot of planning and development, so several years may be counted for it. It is exciting to see, however, if the latest concept comes anywhere close to the actual pickup, again, if it ever happens.

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