Tesla Head Elon Musk Goes To Great Lengths To Defeat BMW And Mercedes-Benz With Tesla Model 3

Mar 27, 2017 11:22 AM EDT | Paula

There are a lot of car brands who wants to defeat luxury cars like BMW and Mercedes-Benz. However, none of them went to great lengths to ensure this like Tesla that has been ramping up production of its Tesla Model 3 cars.

Since its announcement a year ago, Tesla head Elon Musk has been doing everything he can to make sure that the car becomes one of the top notch cars in the market. According to Bloomberg, Musk has been ramping up their production to match its competitors.

Not only that, they are doing everything they can to outsell the top brands. They are going to great strides to ensure that the company creates 1,000 cars a week in July, 2,000 cars a week in August and 4,000 cars a week in September.

They plan to even increase their production to 5,000 cars later this year. Aside from that, they are aiming to create 10,000 cars by the end of 2018.

To reach his targets, Elon Musk must create 430,000 Tesla Model 3 by next year. Apparently, it is more than all the electric cars sold in the planet in 2016.

Upon its release, the Tesla Model 3 is going to be sold in California then it will be rolled-out in the east. If it manages to pursue all of this, it would be outpacing the sales of both BMW 3 Series and Mercedes C-Class.

Elon Musk somewhat brought doubt the dreams and hopes of Tesla owners when it answered questions about the new Tesla product on tweeter. He tweeted the product is not as modernized as the Model S and has less range, power and features, reported BGR.

However, this does not mean that the car does not have any good features. The car has a 15-inch touchscreen for access information in the center console.

It was even previously reported to be one of the safest upcoming cars in the market right now. There were even speculations that this car might replace old cars. Despite the hype for this car, there is no way of telling if Elon Musk will be able to produce the amount of Tesla Model 3 cars that he wanted in the years to come.

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