How Chevrolet Dealerships Hurt The Sales Of The All-Electric Bolt

Mar 27, 2017 07:30 AM EDT | Joyce Vega


The car-sharing brand Maven that was launched by General Motors added an electric vehicle to their lineup. That car was Chevy Bolt EV and was specifically demanded by their customers.

As previously reported by Auto World News, the addition of Chevy Bolt EV to Maven’s line-up complements the city government’s desire to promote electric vehicles and new mobility choices. Maven has installed over 1000 publicly available electric-vehicle charging stations in order to ease the charging burden of the EV owners. In addition, all maven Members will have access to free charging in the EVgo Freedom Station network throughout California, but only for a limited time.

Both the automakers and the government are trying to promote the electric vehicle and educate the buyers of all the gains they receive by owning one. However, car dealerships do not share the same idea. According to Electrek, the car dealerships are part of the problem when it comes to electric vehicle adoption. Most of their income is generated by servicing gas-powered cars and therefore, low-maintenance electric vehicles are not attractive enough to sell for them.

The new advert demonstrated by a Chevy dealership in Rockville cemented that kind of mentality. In the advert, the dealership tried to sell the all-electric Bolt EV as if it needs gas. The announcer in the ad said that the Bolt EV is equipped with a precision tuned electric drive engine that will wring every last mile it can out of a drop of fuel.

It is clear that Bolt EV has no engine, only an electric drive unit. While some still reference charging the battery as fueling, the reference to “a drop of fuel” makes it sound like the announcer is talking about gas.

The video was posted on the dealership’s website and Youtube channel, and it has been shared around social media since then. After receiving harsh criticism, they decided to delete the video. Chevrolet Bolt EV sales have been in decline. They went down to 952 units in the US last month, and dealerships in California started offering significant discounts on the new vehicles already. It seems that both the automakers and the dealerships have to find common ground when it comes to electric vehicles.

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