Toyota is On Board with Microsoft's Connected Car Tech

Mar 26, 2017 12:20 AM EDT | BC Tabotabo

Microsoft has plans to dominate the connected car industry. While everyone is busy trying to make self-driving cars, the Redmond-based tech giant wants to license its patents for Internet-connected cars. The company doesn't want to build them, they want to power them.

According to a report by Fortune, Toyota was the first automaker to sign a deal with the tech giant. They are hoping that after the Japanese automaker, other car makers will follow suit and sign with them.

What does the Redmond-based company have to offer car companies? Quite a lot actually. They have so many patents that include car operating systems, motion sensors, navigation, voice recognition, and Wi-Fi.

Autonomous cars are the future and these future cars will soon function like computers. Microsoft wants to be ahead of the game and be the leader in this field. The company's top competitors include Intel, Nvidia, Google, and Qualcomm.

Peggy Johnson, the company's executive vice president of business development, believes that the auto industry will be all about software in the future. Johnson has said, "connected car represents an enormous opportunity for the auto industry, and at the core it's a software challenge."

The company's connected cars will also include artificial intelligence, cyber security, and file transfer features. Driving is also in the cards and is expected to become more personalized and convenient in the future. The company's new tech will even be able to predict when cars will need maintenance and could even anticipate a driver's intended routes.

The Verge has reported that Microsoft has already clarified that they don't want to build self-driving cars, the company wants to power them. Office 365 will soon make its way into infotainment systems and both BMW and Nissan will soon have a Cortana assistant in their cars. What other automakers will sign with them after Toyota?

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