Tesla Model 3 Is The Safest Car In The Market; Tesla Technology Might Be A Bad News For Non Semi Automated Cars

Mar 24, 2017 11:37 AM EDT | Paula

When it comes to safe cars, Tesla is on the forefront of it. Now car analysts believe that the Tesla Model 3 is probably the safest car in the market right now, bringing forth a technology that might doom old cars.

Tesla Model 3 is an upcoming $35,000 sedan that will be available later this year. Even though the car will not have a supercomputer to make it safe, analysts believe that it will still be ten times safer than normal cars.

According to Market Watch, the brand new model is Tesla's plan to infiltrate a much larger market. Their goal is to create half a million cars by the end of next year.

Like other cars, Tesla cars comes with sensors, airbags and crumple zones to avoid accidents. However, the Tesla Autopilot System is making this car ahead of its competitors.

Analysts explained that Tesla cars like the Tesla Model 3 can reduce accident by 90 percent. These cars can also rack up around 400 million miles per day, reported Yahoo.

The upcoming Tesla car might put more cars with autopilot features on the road. However, this may have an impact with non-automated cars because they might cause less in the market.

Not only that, the new car would have an impact on safety statistics. This might compel car regulators to include Tesla car technology on their cars for safer car use.

This might be similar to 1970s car emission technology that was picked up by car companies until today. Nowadays, car vehicles are required to pass emission test. Therefore, Tesla cars like Tesla Model 3 might give way to a new form of tests catered for semi-automated cars.

Henceforth, bringing in the collapse of manual cars. Analysts believes that this will be a dire situation for really old cars and catastrophic for newer cars that do not have Tesla technology,

Even though this notion is completely far-fetched, it could still happen. Only time will tell if in a few years or so everyone will be driving cars equipped with Tesla Technology but for now car users can drive the latest offering from the car company, the Tesla Model 3.

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