Apple Develops Augment Reality Technology For Smart Glasses And Self-Driving Cars

Mar 22, 2017 07:15 AM EDT | Joyce Vega

Apple next major product is augmented reality. Initially, it will come as a feature of the iPhone, but eventually, it could make its way onto people’s faces. Apple hopes to make smart glasses that will put computers on people’s face.

As reported by Fortune, Apple has formed a team of employees on both the hardware and software sides to deliver new augmented reality-based hardware and software services. Apple’s efforts could eventually lead to new gadgets that would blend the physical world with virtual elements and allow users to interact with surrounding environments in different ways.

Company’s CEO Tim Cook believes that augmented reality could be the next big thing in the industry. He stated that augmented reality’s market opportunity is huge and could be as big as the iPhone. On top of that, Cook says that Apple is incorporating augmented reality in a self-driving car technology. Augmented reality is not as famous as virtual reality. Essentially, with augmented reality, people are less immersed and just have the technology adding to their vision rather than taking it up entirely.

According to Independent, Apple’s augmented reality technology will be implemented in special glasses that connect over Bluetooth to an iPhone and send content like films, maps, and more to the person wearing them. The glasses will require no software as the iPhone will do all the heavy lifting, downloading, and providing much of the battery while information is displayed on the glasses. Apple has already released plenty of different wearable products such as the Apple Watch and AirPods.

Back in 2013 Google released its ‘Glass’ that became known mostly through mockery. They were discounted by the company in 2015, but Google said that they will likely bring it back in some other form. Before the glasses arrive, the iPhone will have similar features. Some of those features include the ability to take a picture and then focus on a different element of it. On top of that, it could be possible to allow virtual objects to be placed onto a real picture.

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