2017 Honda Clarity: Hydrogen Powered Fuel Cell – A Sneakpeek

Mar 22, 2017 12:10 AM EDT | Lasitha

The first look at the 2017 Honda Clarity will make one feel like they are looking at a next generation vehicle. It looks like a midsize sedan from the next decade. To top this, the car runs purely on hydrogen.

The overall feeling that the car gives is wonderful. The engine is noiseless and it accelerates like an electric car - silently. The five-seater car is smooth and it looks uncompromised. The steering, the brakes, and the handling are similar to what any Accord would be.

What the car differs from the normal regular Accord is the way in which it is powered. Instead of having a gasoline engine, there's a stack of fuel cells packaged within a metal housing roughly the size of a desktop computer. It is fascinating to know that within this package, hydrogen and oxygen are chemically combined to create the electricity needed to move the car, reported Auto Blog.

Earlier the electric motor, gearbox, and power control unit was located under the hood. The fuel cell was located vertically between the front seats. Also, there is a giant hydrogen tank in the trunk. The car's passenger compartment is compromised a little because of the same.

Another wonderful improvement that has been made is the new electrically driven turbo air compressor. This gives oxygen into the fuel cell. The old one is very similar to a supercharger and it was a little noisy. However, with the use of the turbocharger, the noise is practically zero, New York Daily News.

The car has a four-phase drive and it is based on four SIC-IPM control phases staggered by 90 degrees. This is done so that the ripple current is minimized by canceling the current fluctuations generated by switching.

The functioning is similar to a regular hybrid. An electric motor and a lithium-ion battery pack are needed to help the car accelerate. The byproduct that is left behind after the reaction is just water. This ensures that the car does not emit any harmful gasses.

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