Leaked ‘Forza X’ Photo Proven Fake; Turn 10 Studios Debunked Rumors

Mar 21, 2017 04:30 AM EDT | Yen Palec

Racing simulation fans were ecstatic after a leaked photo hinted at the possibility of a new "Forza" video game. The leaked photo showed what appears to be a presentation in which the huge screen plays a live game demo of "Forza X."

Only one photo was leaked, and it is blurry, to say the least. Moreover, the exact origin of the leak cannot be determined as some claim that it came from 4chan, while others said that it was first posted on Reddit. As for the Reddit thread, it has been closed after admins have proven it was indeed fake.

As quickly as the leaked photo reached the mainstream video game community, it was debunked by "Forza" developer Turn 10 Studios head Alan Hartman in a tweet. Hartman was asked by a fan about the existence of the rumored "Forza X" video game to which the developer answered "I would never approve that logo."

Following the emergence of the photo, many fans speculated that a new "Forza" game is in development. Other believe that the "Forza X" will be released this year, alongside the official launch of the Xbox Scorpio, Microsoft's upcoming next-generation video game console, according to Gear Nuke.

This news serves as a reminder to fans that not all leaked information are true. Some people like to share false information and hoax, most of the time, for their own benefit. Despite being a hoax, the latest "Forza" leak is a testament to the franchise's popularity.

"Forza Horizon 3," the latest in the series, was released in June 2016. The game is exclusively available for the Windows 10 and Xbox One platforms. An expansion called "Blizzard Mountain" was subsequently released in December 2016.

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