Sony's New Patent Assists Users Use Some Battery Power From Other Devices

Mar 20, 2017 04:20 PM EDT | Ivy Lebanan

Sony Interactive Entertainment is striving to make wireless charging possible on smartphones. The Japanese multinational company has patented a new wireless charging technique that allows the phone to charge on a dock, and it will also feature to get battery power from the other smart devices.

Sony revealed that the new patent wirelessly transfers power between portable consumer electronic devices (CE) via near-field communication (NFC) technology. According to Gizmodo, Sony's latest patent application is helping a bit easier to charge any smart devices straight from someone else's smartphone. Reports claimed that it might be a portable battery pack or power banks. Phone-to-phone wireless charging is significantly consuming an extensive amount of power.

The new patent application states that Sony might feature to "steal" power from another device. The new tech patent was noticed by What A Future, as per Age Times. The new technology will not be only limited to smartphones. Instead, it will also be a feature to appliances like televisions, fridges, microwaves and other electronic devices. It simply means that all home devices might be the primary sources of wireless energy.

The new technology is perfectly fit for places like restaurants, bars, and electronic shops, which they could offer instant wirelessly charging to their customers. This latest patent application works like magic in sharing the power to one device to another.

Sony is aiming to develop a wireless system that would enable the transfer of data and power between consumer electronic devices. The system will transport power using NFC technology or any device using an NFC chip. The NFC chip will allow them to connect charging or data transferring.

The Japanese tech giant's concept involves the plurality of antenna systems that will help in transferring power between wireless exchange-enabled devices. Sony's patent document stated that the distance over the wireless communication could be used for wireless electrical energy shift between the power transfer antenna in exchange for charging or data sharing.

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