5G Wireless Network Ready Smartphone By 2020, Hundred Times Faster Than LTE

Mar 13, 2017 08:30 AM EDT | Audi Mae


The smartphone technology is growing in bounds and increasing its internet-connected system. The mobile technologies are developing the fifth-generation or the 5G wireless network by 2020.The new mobile wireless network will gear up after the dawn of 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G.

According to the senior director of KDDI Corp.'s R&D Strategy Division, Akira Matsunaga, that 5G wireless network will be the excellent foundation of the mobile future. The next-generation network will provide good digital data transfers with impressive speed up to 10 gigabits per second, as noted by Japan Times.

The 5G wireless network will highlight mobile internet connections a hundred times faster than the Long Term Evolution (LTE) network. The new network technology will offer consumers to download a full movie length in just seconds, which compared to the current mobile network that takes an hour or several minutes.

The new cutting-edge technology of wireless network will highlight the faster internet network via the ultra high system, which not just within the movable section but as well as the digital street signs. The 5G wireless network will be showcased as early as May this year, yet it will be introduced to the market by 2020.

According to ZTE, the lightning-fast 5G mobile internet services will be running by 2020. The Chinese telecoms are working on its ZTE Gigabit Phone, which will be ten times faster than the first generation of 4G that is capable of 360-degree panoramic Virtual Reality video. It will also come with fast downloads of ultra Hi-Fi music and videos.

The 5G will enable to change people's lives. It will be making the internet of things (IoT) from cars to a simple house wireless network into a cutting-edge technology. Things will be controlled over the web and may offer abundant advantages.  The first large-scale commercial deployment of the 5G wireless network technology is expected in 2020 by ZTE and KDDI.


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