Michael Schumacher Is Hero; Fans Wait for Updates For Formula 1 Legend's Full Recovery

Mar 12, 2017 01:16 PM EDT | Andrew Davis


Michael Schumacher is not only a legend but also a Formula 1 hero, that according to Ross Brawn, the sport's current chief executive. In fact, the seven-time Formula One World Champion is the perfect example and the racing sport needs a hero like Schumacher.

The Formula 1 Managing Director of Motorsports told German sports news Sport-Bild that Formula 1 racing has hugely changed and that the racing sports must go back to a time when the drivers were considered heroes.

Speaking of heroes, he goes on mentioning Michael Schumacher. "Because Michael was a hero. He moved the car like no other in his time." And today, heroic worship is no longer promoted.

What stands out most today are the brands and teams, not the drivers. But he intends to change this under ownership of the American mass media company Liberty Media, reports AutoWeek.

Ross Brawn promises a rescue for the sports. "We need the legacy of Formula One, and Germany belongs to it," he said. He further added that discussions are on the way with the racetracks in order to figure out how they can better cooperate with the Grand Prix.

The Managing Director of Formula 1 also pointed out that "possible" heroes like Michael Schumacher of the current-generation drivers include "modern rebel" Max Verstappen and Sebastian Vettel, the four-time champion thanks to Ferrari.

Meanwhile, Michael Schumacher's health condition is still unknown as there hasn't been any official word from the racing legend's family, other than rumors and speculation swirling around the web. Although back in December, his family launched the "Keep Fighting Initiative" so that fans could channel their tributes for the athlete.

Racing legend Michael Schumacher suffered serious head injury following a horrific ski accident 3 years ago and the family has kept his condition tight lipped. He hasn't appeared in public since December 2013.

For now, we will have to wait until the racing legend makes a full recovery. On a positive note, Ross Brawn has good news for Formula 1 fans. Germany has once again drops off the 2017 race calendar.

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