'The Seven Deadly Sins' Chapters 208 and 209 Recap: Elizabeth Defeated Demon Indura Plus Chapter 210 Spoilers

Mar 10, 2017 11:51 AM EST | Hannah Jill


Interesting events took place in the latest chapters of "The Seven Deadly Sins." Here's a recap of Chapters 208 and 209w.

It can be recalled that in "The Seven Deadly Sins" Ep 208 Elizabeth was able to exorcise the Demon of Indura from both Monspeet and Derieri after they managed to acquire and transform themselves into the powerful demon through a sacrificng six out of their seven hearts. Although they became enormously powerful, Elizabeth was able to subdue them before this could cause any damage the archangels. She was successful in making sure all her attacks will not kill the host. The reason for this is because she made it clear that it is unwise to kill since all creatures are equal. But Archangel Rueduciel is not as happy about it.

According to Inquisitr News, in "The Seven Deadly Sins" Ep 209 Rueduciel opted to destroy both Monspeet ad Derieri but this Elizabeth can't allow this to happen. However, stopping Rueduciel is not easy that is the reason why Elizabeth felt weary and eventually collapsed. Thankfully, Melodias was able to save her from plunging to her death.

Meanwhile, Rueduciel found a chance to attack the unconscious demons but this was halted when Sir Gloxinia and Sir Dolor, members of the Ten Commandments came to stop his plan to kill the hosts. And said that it's not unfair to kill both of them when they are helpless. Although "King" (Gloxinia) agreed with him, he said that although it is fair it will defeat Elizabeth's purpose to save them. He said she even risked her life to do so. It seems Rueduciel understood what Gloxinia meant.

Melodias thanked Sir Gloxinia and Sir Dolor as well as the two archangels for helping out during the demon attack but both archangels, named Sariel and Tarmiel mentioned that they were only doing it for Elizabeth. Rudiciel claimed that the fallen demons, Monspeet and Derieri was not completely cleansed and warned him that they might try to kill them again despite Elizabeth saving them. Although he accepted that this might be true, Melodias insisted that he will just deal with it once it takes place.

Meanwhile, iTechpost mentioned some spoilers for "The Seven Deadly Sins" Chapter 10. This chapter will focus on Elizabeth's discovery of the truth about the accusations against the warriors for conspiring to overthrow the monarchy. Elizabeth found out that the Holy Knights were the perpetrators but she was a little too late. When she learned that they were about to kill his father and take the throne she decided to go away to save her life. Here, she will then search for the help of the Sin's and find Melodias.

Get to know the continuation of this on March 15. Follow us for more of "The Seven Deadly Sins" news and updates. 

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