Nintendo Switch Problems: Nintendo Answers Controller Related Issues, Fixes and Support

Mar 10, 2017 05:10 AM EST | Hannah Jill


When the news came out that Nintendo Switch will be Launching the Legenda of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, all Nintendo users were ecstatic not until controller issues killed their excitement. Fans can't figure out why the connectivity issues of its Joy Controllers were still not resolved despite the complaints received by the popular mobile game developer.

According to BBC News, Nintendo has already received these complaints and it is finding ways to resolve the issue. Remember, that when everyone anticipated the release of the Nintendo Switch game consoles since its rumored launch way back last year, people are expecting it to be perfect. Imagine the frustration of its users when they started to experience these concerns.

Reddit made a poll through Strawpoll asking "Is your switch perfect? Or does it have issues?" and alas, it's been swarmed by Nintendo users with 809 comments as of this writing. The complaints vary from dead pixels on the screen, connectivity and syncing issues, minor and major problems. Users drawn to playing video games are obviously upset and frustrated about this. The results of this poll revealed that indeed it. As of March 10,79.09 percent still believes that Nintendo Switch is perfect.

Nintendo Support provided some advice to its users on how to maximize the use of the game console. It included the following: ensure that users' consoles systems are up-to-date and are fully charged, limit the distance between the Joy-Con and the Nintendo Console, ensure visibility of the console and avoid placing it behind anything (TV, aquarium, metal objects) that can minimize its interference with the Joy-Con and lastly, turn off any sources of interference such as gadgets, microwaves, speakers phone etc.

For other Nintendo Switch related concerns users can call 855-877-9099 for US users. They can also be reached through chat or email in the Nintendo Support website.

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