[VIDEO[ 3DR Solo Given A Memorial Service. Will It Be Done To A DJI Phantom 4 Pro?

Mar 10, 2017 04:40 AM EST | Paul Urban

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The video above presented quite an interesting approach to how gadgets are loved. The 3DR Solo that crashed in the ocean was introduced earlier in the market than most drones being used today and has since been well-loved and received by users. Now, if this happened to a DJI Phantom 4 Pro, will the same importance be given to it knowing that it is a newer drone? The video may be for entertainment purposes but for most gadget lovers, this may actually mean a serious thing. The 3DR Solo is meant to fly and land safely with the pilot's full control. In this video, unfortunately, it crashed in the ocean because of the pilot's mistake which he admits.

Which then leads to these questions, how durable is the 3DR Solo? What circumstances can it successfully withstand? If it indeed survived the ocean crash, will it be back to its usual working state? Well, according to Drone Inner, the 3DR Solo was being flown and without any warning, it just crashed. Apparently, all of a sudden, all controls were non-responsive.

Upon checking after the crash, three blades were broken but there has been no damage to an actual unit. This is the beginning of series of inexplicable, not to mention a weird performance of the 3DR Solo drone. Pictures showed how the drone flew on its own without the pilot touching its controls.

There were also reports of the 3DR Solo doing the exact same thing. Apparently, this issue is related to loss of GPS signal. Since the Solo is one of the first drones introduced in the market, it is not as advanced and safe as the ones being used currently. It was even suggested for its manufacturer to have it equipped with sensor modules which takes over in cases that loss of GPS signal happens.

This may not be true to most 3DR Solos, but in this case, even with no exterior damage to the unit, the wirings and other interior mechanisms were. If the drone crashes in the ground, it is durable enough not to be broken apart, however, it may not as responsive as it used to be.

In this case, the 3DR Solo just malfunctioned even before the crash and it did even worse after. As added by Drone Lab, in spite of the issue presented, 3DR Solo is still considered as one of the best in aerial photography and videography. It is equipped with world-class technologies which result to high-performance flights and several safety measures to keep the pilot from worrying. Unfortunately, it may fail at times as this drone is not at all perfect.

The drone received fair reviews from users as it survived different situations during times when it had a face-to-face collision with another object such as trees, bushes, and poles. There was even one instance when it crashed into a tree and only resulted to three broken blades. It is interesting that it sustained no other further damage.

The 3DR Solo definitely has no chance of surviving if it crashes into the ocean. The drone is pretty lightweight but it is still meant to sink and the water will then corrode all important components of the drone making it eventually meet its demise right away. This would've been the same fate if it ever happened to a DJI Phantom 4 Pro. Unfortunately, the drone is also not waterproof. The 3DR Solo in the video have served its purpose, so for the owner, it is indeed fitting to have a memorial service for it- Rest in Peace. 

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