Autonomous ErgoChair Updates Its Technological Features, Is It Worth Its Value?

Mar 10, 2017 10:40 AM EST | Leian N.

Desk chairs had been created with better technological features since it has been considered a trend to update the most basic office tools to have state-of-the-art features. The Autonomous ErgoChair is included in the innovated products of today. At present, it can now have a featureless right angle wherein the user would be the one mechanically told to do what the best posture and position for them.

Currently, the Autonomous ErgoChair retails at $249, available with different color combinations. From a front-faced standpoint, it is apparent to have an adjustability feature that improves user comfortability. However, at present, the movable lumbar support was improved to tilt when tension to headrest height was experienced by a user, reported Life Hacker.

The ErgoChair has a comfortable and supportive feature that improves the posture of users whenever they lean back in with the headrest. In fact, the chair allows for airflow, adjusts easily, and its cushion is more than serviceable. Its armrests were reviewed to be totally usable and considered as the best-valued desk chair in the industry.

In other news, Euro Derma Spa reported that IKEA sold the product in 2012 with only a $200 price tag. Although it had zero features, the affordable option still earned positive reviews. In fact, during 2014, it was underrated but recommended as a cheap desk chair in the industry. Compared to the Tempur-Pedic T9000, the product goes lacks in build quality and features.

At present, the Autonomous ErgoChair campaign was suspended without publicizing the reason of the distribution limit. It was speculated that simple reselling of the product was a fresh take in the industry but prevailing problems similar to what the Marie + Merrill Cookware products experienced with shipping complications, the Autonomous Ergo Chair product was not concerned with the setback.

Now that the Autonomous ErgoChair has improved its price range and technological features, will it improve its sales? Is the product worth the value?

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