‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episodes 82 & 83 Spoilers Point To Son Goku Defeating Toppo?

Mar 09, 2017 12:19 AM EST | Gerone Trish

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 82 titled "I Won't Forgive Son Goku! The Warrior of Justice Toppo's Intrusion" is one of the most intense fight fans of "DBS" should look forward too. Reports are now speculating that Son Goku is doomed to be defeated by Toppo, the powerful leader of Universe 11. Will Son Goku lose the fight?

Spoilers for episode 82 of "Dragon Ball Super" reveal a terrible battle between Son Goku and Toppo. Looking back at episode 81, Son Goku has defeated crusher Bergamo of Universe 9. This victory saved Universe 7 from destruction, as the rule of the Tournament of Power says Omni-King will annihilate the losing universe in each fight.

Unfortunately, this victory of Son Goku over Bergamo greatly displeased the Gods of Destruction. Toppo, being the strong leader of Universe 11, intervened and challenged Son Goku for a match.

Based on the profile of Toppo posted on the official "Dragon Ball Super" website, he is described as a powerful fighter and leader of Universe 11. He is in fact, being eyed by the gods as the next God of Destruction.

Speculations abound believing this will be the ultimate battle that will take down Son Goku's pride as he is believed to lose the fight this time. "DBS" fans speculate that since Son Goku has been winning his battles over the course of the anime, seeing him lose against Toppo will further create tension in the arc. Many believe that it would be beneficial for the anime series to allow Son Goku to be defeated and then rose back to power in the next episodes, the Inquisitor reported.

However, it seems that Son Goku will not lose the battle against Toppo. Spoilers for the next episode 83 has already surfaced which somehow give hints on the result of the great battle.

According to the Twitter post of "DBS" spoiler Todd Blankenship, the next episode 83 is titled "Form the Universe 7 Team! Who are the Strongest Ten?" The tweet also included the synopsis which says that "Bulma and Vegeta cradle a new life, a life Goku and the others must protect." It further mentions Goku is tasked to gather the strongest members of Universe 7 so they can be ready for the next battle.

Based on the synopsis, it sounds like the Universe 7 was not destroyed. Noting that the rule of the Tournament of Power says Omni-King will destroy the losing universe, then this suggests that Universe 7 was not destroyed, which points to the victory of Son Goku over Universe 11's Toppo.

What do you think? Will Son Goku win over Toppo in the upcoming episode 82? "Dragon Ball Super" will go on a quick hiatus and will return on March 19 for episode 82.

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