Spyker and Koenigsegg Merged To Create 600 HP and 442 lb-ft of Torque Beast!

Mar 08, 2017 10:48 AM EST | Jayde Winston

Dutch automaker Spyker revealed a beastly surprise to car enthusiast in the 2017 Geneva Motor Show. The company is expected to announce a droptop version of the C8 Preliator. But, what everyone didn't expect is that the C8 Preliator Spyder will be a Koenigsegg-sourced naturally aspirated 5.0-liter V8 engine.

The Dutch and the Swedes joined their automotive forces together to build an avant-garde convertible capable of powering 600 HP and 442 lb-ft of torque. Now, the C8 Preliator coupe and Spyder will utilize Koenigsegg engines. Surprised?

Previously, Spyker announced that the C8 Preliator is a supercharged 4.2 -liter V8 from Audi rated at 525 horsepower. The merged between the two big automotive companies is expected to boost the C8 Preliator overall performance. As of the moment, the figures for the Spyder is what has bee laid out to the public. But, the hardtop model will more likely boost its performance thanks to its new engine.

According to Car Buzz, the Spyder's 0-62 mph time is rated at 3.6 seconds. It will also receive a slight increase in its top speed going from 200 MPH in the hardtop to 201 MPH in a convertible. Spyker will also incorporate changes from its transmission meaning from automatic to six-speed manual transmission.

The company discussed on how ideas were derived from gathering its customer's feedback. Aside from the switch to engine and transmission, the C8 Preliator Spyder will be similar to its hardtop predecessor. With that being said, the C8 Preliator Spyder will exhibit a carbon fiber body and an aluminum hood. The cabin is a blend of leather and brushed aluminum. Judging by its looks, the C8 Preliator Spyder is a luxury finish. Although there is no touchscreen available, the car will display and utilize a gesture control feature.

Spyker plans to build 50 C8 Preliator coupes and 100 C8 Preliator Spyder. The production of the hardtop is expected to commence at the end of 2017. The C8 Preliator will cost $429,000.

What are your thoughts about the C8 Preliator Spyder new engines and looks? Share it in the comment section below.

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