Fire Emblem Heroes Devs Warned Players Against Cheating!

Mar 08, 2017 10:48 AM EST | Jayde Winston

Nintendo is starting to track down players who are cheating in Fire Emblem Heroes. The recent report revealed cheat-source codes or programs allow players to obtain many five stars +10 Sharinas. Now, Devs are issuing a notice to all players who are indulging on cheating codes or programs.

Players who are caught involved in any cheating manifestation will receive a Temporary Ban from different game features as a sanction. Nintendo will send a "To You" notification to all suspected cheaters explaining the cause of the case. Also, cheaters will have their characters unranked losing their ability to play in social events, says Shack News.

Regarding recorded cases, Nintendo has not completed tracking all cheat-source issues as of the moment. There have been many reports claiming players using hacked teams to work on their advantage, and Nintendo is now starting to implement fair play environment for Fire Emblem Heroes.

In other news, the first ever large-scale Fire Emblem Heroes Event dubbed as Prince and Princess Voting Gauntlet is now live. In the said event, eight princess and princesses such as Alfonse, Sharena, Ephraim, Elrika, Chrom, Lucina, Leo, and Elise will battle it all out for supremacy.

To join this live event, players must first pick one of the eight characters and go on to command teams of three. The Prince and Princess Voting Gauntlet brings new log-in bonuses and new special quests that will grant players the Battle Flags for the Voting Gauntlet. The Voting Gauntlet last for three rounds lasting for 45 hours.

During the event, players won't be able to see the points each army acquire unless they join. As for the gameplay, players are not allowed to join other heroes army unless the current group is active. They will be allowed to join another group once the first army losses. Battles will be a 3-on-3 basis. Winners for every battle are the one's who are allowed to cast a vote once the battle is over. The event will run up until March 12th. As always share us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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