Nexus, Pixel Devices Can Get Google’s March Security Patch & Latest Info On Android 8.0

Mar 08, 2017 04:30 AM EST | Andrew Davis


Nexus and Pixel devices running on Android 7.1.1 can now download the recent March security patch for Android devices. Other Android-powered devices can also get the latest patch. It fixes 60 major issues but lacks in any significant new features.

According to Google, two are security patch level strings. The security patch dated 2017-03-01 fixes 21 issues, while there are 39 in the 2017-03-05 build.

These provide "Android partners with the flexibility to more quickly fix a subset of vulnerabilities that are similar across all Android devices," reports 9To5Google. Google devices will receive the 2017-03-05 patch, whereas devices from other manufacturers will also feature OEM-specific fixes.

Alongside the March security patch, Google has also published factory images and full OTA images for supported Nexus and Pixel devices. Google Pixel C running on Android 7.1.1 can download the N4F26T build (Factory ImageOTA), while Google Pixel devices can get the NOF27B and NOF27C (Rogers) builds (Factory Image (2); OTA (2)).

For Pixel XL devices, they can download NOF27B and NOF27C (Rogers) (Factory Image (2); OTA (2)). Nexus 5X and 6P can get the N4F26T build, with 6P also getting NUF26N (Verizon). And Nexus 6 can get NBD92D (ATT, 7.0.0), NBD92E (7.0.0), and N6F26U (7.1.1).

In other Android news, VentureBeat got hold of information regarding the next dessert-themed Android OS. According to the report, Google is expected to reveal Android O during the tech giant's I/O developer conference this May. At the heels of the reveal, they will release the new Android update in the fall following multiple developer previews.

There are 3 features that could help Google catch up with Apple, who has been busy rolling out upgrades of its iOS apps mated with AI. First of the features is called Copy Less and is reported to allow your Android device to detect automatically relevant information you would want to copy from a source when you're sending a text or an email.

Second is the taken from Apple's book, which is the ability to tap on an address in a message and have Google Maps automatically open and point you to that location. Third could be the finger gestures.

While these features haven't been confirmed by Google as of this writing, it is safe to say that we should wait until Android O's official unveiling before we take anything into consideration. In the meantime, go ahead and download the security patches for your Android devices. We'll keep you updated for more information on the latest news on Android 8.0.

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