Range Rover Project Hero SUV Drone

Mar 09, 2017 09:34 PM EST | Leian N.

Drones had been a popular tech trend nowadays, and the Range Rover Project Hero SUV blended with that trend. Now, the vehicle has incorporated a drone that would survey rough terrains and transform their SUVs into safer and emergency-responsive automobiles in the market. What are the specifications of this upgrade?

The Range Rover Project Hero has incorporated the SUV drone feature wherein a self-centering and magnetic retention tech would enable the driver to see more of what's to come on the road without a road map. As reported by Engadget, the UAV would land while the vehicle is running and send live footage of particular areas to rescue teams whenever an emergency occurs. In fact, these features labeled as the first system of its kind in the automobile industry despite other brands developing tech-savvy specifications to their respective models.

Moreover, the safety features of the project allow the floor in the Range Rover Discovery vehicle to slide out and pave the way for a free work surface. Its heavy duty material projects stored underneath the gear expanded the power and range of plug configurations in the vehicle and installed with a radio equipment that comes in handy whenever the driver reaches remote locations.

 In other news, The Tech Portal reported that the said features of the Range Rover Discovery made the vehicle recognized as a search and rescue tool. In fact, the unique version quadcopter drone trailed by the Austrian Red Cross which would hasten the response of emergency services whenever the driver and its passengers would be in danger in remote areas.

Moreover, the engineers and designers of the Range Rover Project Hero attested that their efforts inspired by providing humanitarian work of the IFRC and its members. The all-terrain SUV described as an innovative technology that enhanced safety measures that most brands have not incorporated into their products.

The Range Rover Project Hero incorporated into the latest Discovery model has added a drone that enhanced the safety features of the model. In fact, it's the first automobile tool to be introduced into the market. Will the innovative upgrade allow the brand to receive numerous recognition and increase their sales? Does this mean that the automaker is the best provider of safe vehicles today?

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