AE86 vs. Honda Civic Race Revisited, Best Race So Far?

Mar 07, 2017 11:40 AM EST | Leian N.

NASCAR has raised the roof for automobile racing this year. However, there is one battle, the AE86 vs. Honda Civic race that may be the best competition that car enthusiasts have ever seen in the sport. In fact, a reporter indicated that the wacky Japanese vehicles during the Australian Improved Production Car Championship proved that they have remained in the market for so long since they are, possibly, the best vehicles for owners who love to customize their cars.

As reported by Jalopnik, the AE86 vs. Honda Civic race was the best that the author had seen automobiles race due to one distinct feature: the race itself was too intense that detaching the watcher's eye for a second could mean that he or she missed witnessing why the AE86 overdrove the Honda Civic, and vice versa. In fact, it was a race between a rear-drive vehicle from that of a front-drive vehicle. Therefore, the results could easily tell which among a front or a rear-wheel drive vehicle has better performance.  

Although their drivetrains were different from each other, the author claimed that in the AE86 vs. Honda Civic race, both vehicles were a perfect match. In fact, they were both small-wheelbase cars, had similar weights, and had the same size engines. Despite their differences and similarities, the winner was the Toyota AE86.

On that note, the Toyota AE86, also known as the Hachiroku, is a 1980's generic Japanese car. As reported by Car Throttle, its iconic status earned when it was featured in the famous movie, "Initial D," wherein it beat all the racing cars in the film.  

Although both vehicles were deemed favorites of car enthusiasts when it came to customization, the AE86 vs. Honda Civic race proved that the former could perform faster than its Japanese brother. Do you think that the latest Civic Type-R and, whenever the Toyota upgraded, stand a chance for a second bout?

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