Pokémon Anime ‘I Choose You’ Will Define How Pikachu & Ash Chose Each Other To Be Buddies? Can You Voice Pikachu?

Mar 07, 2017 04:00 AM EST | Gerone Trish

Pokémon anime is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year with a movie titled "I Choose You." The title for upcoming movie hints that the remake will define the beautiful friendship of Pikachu and Ash. Have you ever thought how it is to voice out the beloved Pokémon character?

A new Pokémon movie is being released every summer since 1998. Two decades after, the "Pocket Monsters" franchise will not feature the usual "find the Legendary Pokémon and save the world" theme.

The "Pocket Monsters" franchise decided to celebrate its 20th anniversary by looking back and feasting on its successful foundation. The upcoming movie remake will reminisce how the animated Pokémon film has started.

"I Choose You" will feature the beginning of the friendship between Pikachu and Satoshi/Ash. Although the latest plots have been showing the two as inseparable buddies, the bond they share did not naturally blossom with ease. Pikachu was actually rebellious of Ash at the start.

The official trailer attests to this rebellious Pikachu as one scene shows how he refuses to go in a Poké Ball. He is also shown being dragged by Ash as he was not cooperative at first.

The clip further shows Ash was asking Pikachu if the latter hates him. The latter then nods, confirming his dislike of his trainer.

The upcoming "I Choose You" reboot will allow fans to see how the friendship of Pikachu and Ash progresses. The upcoming movie summarizes the highlights of this friendship, which were shown in separate episodes throughout the two decades of airing, Japan Today reported.

Meanwhile, fans may have also desired to voice the popular Pokémon character, thinking it could be such a wonderful experience. However, doing the beloved Pikachu character was never that easy.

Voice actress Ikue Otani discussed how it is to give life to the beloved character. Ikue Otani shared that when she first began voicing Pikachu, people would poke fun at her teasing "Lucky you, all you have to say is 'Pika pika.'"

Ikue Otani told Japan's Yomiuri Shimbun that voicing Pikachu sounds plain and simple because she just needs to say the similar lines. However, the voice actress explained that although her script has similar lines, the most difficult part is how to deliver it according to the various emotions the character entails in a particular scene, RocketNews24 has noted.

Can you voice the beloved Pikachu character? Watch out for more updates on Pokémon reboot titled "I Choose You" in our next report. For now, you may watch the trailer below.

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