'Digimon Go' Concept Relived; Will It Ever Be Released To Beat 'Pokemon Go' Worldwide Success?

Mar 07, 2017 04:10 AM EST | Paul Urban

"Digimon Go" concept has been created in connection to the worldwide success of "Pokemon Go." The game offers an interesting array of functionalities, which if it comes to fruition, is expected to be as big or even bigger than "Pokemon Go." Words are spreading across stating that the game is currently being developed which make AR enthusiasts curious.

Now that "Pokemon Go" somehow reclaimed its fame as it recently introduced 80 new pocket monsters, will "Digimon Go" ever come to be? An interesting insight is presented by Gamer Zone Blog, as it says that "Digimon" is entirely different than "Pokemon" altogether. It is highly supporting the creation of the new game which is suggested to be played by a website generating a random code of a Digimon and players can scan so much of it to earn for the team similar to "Digimon" games.

If the game ever happens, it is interesting as it has some real potential to tap into a different way to offer the same thing "Pokemon Go" does. The site continued by even suggesting to having a virtual pet like the old Digivice games, this time made for smartphones.

This is also interesting as it is known that "Pokemon Go" suffered significant decline couple of months after its official release despite efforts to sustain its popularity. "Digimon Go" is the brainchild of collective ideas of gaming fans to provide an interesting competition, at least in their own imagination.

As added by Now Loading, "Digimon Go" may happen as "Digimon" celebrated its 20th anniversary back in January this year. It is interesting to tinker with a revamped Digital Monster toy giving a new twist to the 90s all-time-favorite, as reported earlier. It is perceived to be in the works, however, Bandai has not given any official word yet.

"Digimon Go," if it ever gets released promises to provide a good alternative to the all-famous "Pokemon Go." The recent report of Now Loading back in November 2016 sparked interest again in terms of seeing a competition of the famous game which, in itself, is a history-maker. The best is to be updated for any report to confirm if the new conceived game will be released or if it remains just a concept. The video below presents an interesting opinion on "Digimon Go" which makes for an entertaining watch.

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