RUF To Unveil A Surprise At Geneva Motor Show; Design To Deviate From Porsche

Mar 06, 2017 10:10 AM EST | Lasitha

RUF claims that it is all set to unveil a very different car at the Geneva Motor Show. According to the company, this is very different from all the cars that it has ever built.

The company claims that the new car is inspired by the most famous RUF of all: the original CTR. The original RUF is called as the Yellowbird. It was a revolutionary design and the concept worked wonders back in 1987.

In the recent past, RUF is diversifying and branching out a little. Most of the cars that the company had built looked more like Porsche or a variant of it. However, it is hoping to come up with a new design now.

RUF tried a new concept, last time, way back in 2000. At that time it was the semi-mythical R50 prototype. However, the design did not catch up. According to Auto Blog, now the market for supercars has flourished and people are more receptive for new designs.

The new car that is all set to be revealed at Geneva has a totally unique structure. To be very specific, it is an in-house carbon fiber monocoque chassis to be specific. In terms of design, this is a big deviation for the company.

It is a smart move to base the new car on the classic RUF. The Yellowbird is a design that was accepted widely and it also made other sports car makers to change design and technology. Bringing back legacy could actually work wonders for RUF, reported Auto Breaking News.

More details about the new car based on Yellowbird have not been revealed yet. The car will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show. After the car is introduced and the features studied thoroughly, it will be known whether the new car will beat the competition in the market. Also, it will be revealed in Geneva as to how much it will deviate from the Porsche design.

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