Toyota’s First Autonomous Car, Lexus LS600HL Targets To Provide Chauffeur And Guardian Features

Mar 06, 2017 10:30 AM EST | Gerone Trish

Lexus LS600HL made its debut as Toyota's first autonomous car at the company's Prius Challenge this week. The first autonomous car targets to provide Chauffeur and Guardian features.

Toyota Research Institute (TRI) introduced the new Lexus LS600HL the new autonomous car boasting of its less dependency on high-definition maps. The new car comes with LIDAR, radar and camera arrays which will help minimize the need for such special maps.

The new autonomous vehicle from Toyota is equipped with technology that is beneficial for the TRI's two research paths, the Chauffeur and the Guardian. The two research visions hope to enable the autonomous car to operate as the situation calls for and helps protect the passenger as well.

The Chauffer has been set to be on a fully autonomous system at all times, both for Level 4 and Level 5 self-driving. In the Level 4 self-driving, the autonomous car is constrained in some areas. Whereas, the Level 5 means the self-driving car can operate in any given place.

On the other hand, the Guardian path points to a more driver assist system. This setting monitors any given spot and gives a signal to the driver regarding foreseen hazards, where the autonomous system can intervene and take control when needed.

The upcoming Lexus LS600HL is a product of the billion-dollar investment that the automaker has invested in TRI since 2015. This investment is centered on AI technologies not just for cars, but for robot assistants at home too, Neowin reported.

Meanwhile, Toyota has started working on this autonomous vehicle since 2013. The plan focused on creating a vehicle with safety breaking features and automatic lane control, Engadget has noted.

Toyota has already announced in 2015 its plan to eliminate human inputs from its latest models. The automaker envisions to release such kind of models by the year 2020. Now that they have introduced their first autonomous vehicle test mule, the Lexus LS600HL, Toyota seems to have been progressing very well and will likely achieve their 2020 goal to release a fully autonomous vehicle.

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