240GB HyperSavage SSD Labels As Most Powerful Of Its Kind With Three-Year Warranty

Mar 06, 2017 10:30 AM EST | Leian N.

The HyperSavage SSD was labeled as the fastest of its kind, the ones with the HyperX SATA-based platform. In fact, its design was referred to as an original which cannot be matched by those in the market. What are its features?

 Powered by an 8-channel Phison S10 controller, the HyperSavage SSD can read at a speed of 560MB.sm, can write at 530MB/s, and can do both tasks in IOPS up to 100k/89k, reported Microsoft Store. These features made the device multitask and increase its system speed while maintaining an exceptional performance. In fact, its slim design is quite complex with hardware in the market that it can fit into computer desktops, laptops, HTPCs, and even notebooks.

Moreover, Chip reported that the device is upgradable to a portable scale with the ADATA SE730 External SSD which created a special advantage: complex possibilities in improving its performance and mobility. Additionally, it was also reviewed through the test center where guests were welcome to witness its capacity. Speaking of capacity, it was referred to as a compact and easy to use the product. Apart from fitting into different hardware, the HyperSavage SSD could also fit into someone's pocket.

With respect to the testing of the device, it was paired with the ADATA SE730 USB 3.1 Gen 2 interface, a water-resistant pot that held the tiny device. It earned the IP68 certification but there was a need to cover over the USB interface during the test. However, its water-resistant feature was not the most attractive, according to the review. Its capacity to hold 250GB was the most promising capacity compared to other SSDs in the market. In fact, multimedia files and large-scale documents, although stored into the device, did not affect the fast performance of the HyperSavage SSD.

At present, the measurements with the ADATA SE730 were conclusive of the impressive capacity of the HyperSavage SSD. Among other SSDs involved in the class, this was referred to as the one that has brilliant performance, especially since it runs and reads fast, apart from its huge memory capacity.

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