Goodbye, Honda Civic Type R FK2 - The World Will Miss You!

Mar 03, 2017 08:20 AM EST | BC Tabotabo


The Honda Civic Type R FK2 is a magnificent and powerful car. While it will be replaced with the next-gen model next week, this does not mean that the iconic car will be forgotten.

In a report by Top Gear, the website gave many reasons to miss the outgoing Civic Type R. One reason is that the sporty car made turbocharged VTEC engines something to not be ashamed of. Type R's of the past were naturally aspirated, but the FK2 had to welcome an era of turbocharged performance cars.

As a consequence, the new Civic won't rev like an old one. However, as the Type R chief Hisayuki Yagi pointed out, the current Honda Civic Type R engine "is not a turbo engine with VTEC, it is a VTEC engine with a turbo added."

Another reason to miss the FK2 is it has one of, if not the, best gear change in the automotive world. The Type R is a prime example why manual cars are still something to love driving. It has a stubby little gear lever that is easy to maneuver and very satisfying to hold. This precise little lever is something which it inherited from the EP3.

And another reason is the car's great seats. The powerful hatchback comes with performance racing seats that are supportive and comfortable stock.

And finally, the Type R FK2 screams for attention. It is nice to look at, and it even has a very high and extended wing. The Limited Edition Black Edition was something particularly beasty and lovely to behold at the same time.

The new 2018 Civic Type R will be coming next week. It will be compelling and exciting. However, some reviewers are not too keen on its looks. A lot of critics believe that the outgoing FK2 looks much better than its successor.

Goodbye, Honda Civic Type R FK2. While you were only around for barely two years, you stole the hearts of many. What do you think about the FK2 and the incoming 2018 Type R? Share your thoughts and comments below!

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