Uber Applies For CA Self-Driving Permit, What Does This Change Mean For The Company?

Mar 03, 2017 10:20 AM EST | Leian N.

Uber self-driving cars had been introduced into the market recently where customers can pay the company without having to hire a driver. However, the company had refused to complete the necessary permit for its autonomous vehicles. Fortunately, they have recently applied for a self-driving permit in California alone. What does this development mean for the future commute?

According to an Uber spokeswoman, the company is taking the necessary steps to complete their application for DMV testing permit. In fact, the locality had demanded Uber to comply with the necessary local requirements for the exceptional Uber self-driving cars to be operative in a lawful way, reported CNET.

At first, Uber dominated the market with its ease-of-use service. Passengers could pair their drivers via a phone app and since the six years of the service, the multinational company operated in 400 cities in 72 countries. Therefore, the application of permit for Uber self-driving cars had been coming since they introduced driver-less vehicles into their segment.

In other news, The Verge reported that the permit will enable Uber self-driving vehicles to operate on public roads, including its Volvo SUV's. The move was also a response when the state's DMV forced Uber to shut down their self-driving pilot within a week of operations because of the absence of a permit. Such disagreements with the locality were not addressed swiftly since Uber's case is a unique one. In fact, the state already required self-driving vehicles owned by corporations to be under the definition of an autonomous car under the state's law. Therefore, the requirement applies to the public commute.

At present, Uber self-driving cars are under the process of approval for their permit. Furthermore, they are also providing the service in states such as Tempe, Arizona where the state's governor welcomed the absence of a permit and allowed them to operate still.

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