Hyundai Tucson Is The Best-Selling Car in Ireland Despite Its Decrease In Car Registration

Mar 02, 2017 11:07 AM EST | Paula


Hyundai Tucson just became Ireland's best-selling car toppling over other cars in the market. However, its car registration went down to 17,128.

Alan Nolan, Director General of The Society of Irish Motor Industry, explained that they had anticipated a lower number of buyers in February. He said that Brexit still continues to live an impact on its used-vehicle imports.

"This month's sales stats must be taken with a pinch a salt as there is a little distortion due to the leap year in 2016," Independent quoted Motorcheck Managing Director Michael Rochford. "There is no doubt that this year is not going to perform as well as 2016."

"Five thousand new cars being registered on the last day of January and almost 4,000 on the last day of February. The message to the public is that this is a great time to go new car shopping as dealers will want to unload these pre-registered vehicles to sustain the market," Rochford added.

Hyundai Tucson beat other best selling cars like Nissan, Ford, Volkswagen, Toyota, KIA and Renault. Irish Times reported that Hyundai was able to sell 4,598 that was followed by Toyota with 4,474 and Ford with 4,381.


On the other hand, Volkswagen got the fourth spot with 3,745. The bestselling car managed to gain 1,899 registrations, having more registrations that Ford Focus with 1,550 and Ford Fiesta with 1,421.

Cars run using Petrol were also getting a comeback, despite the fact that there are still more Irish drivers who drive diesel-powered cars. Petrol sales went up to 11, 911 while diesel cars' registrations went down to 7.16 percent last year, the site reported.

It seems like it's not only Hyundai Tucson having a great year. Auto World News reported that there has been a rise in electric car sales this year. This proves that Hyundai really creates one of the top-notch cars that is very evident in Hyundai Tucson.

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