Seven Deadly Sins News: Did Netflix Deceived Fans About Season 2? Chapter 209 Spoilers Revealed!

Mar 02, 2017 07:23 AM EST | Jayde Winston

Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 208 ended with Elizabeth successfully defeated a very powerful enemy from the Ten Commandments. The latest episode showed the real power of Elizabeth which surprised a lot of fans. Now that Chapter 209 is next, fans are bound to witness a new set of adventure for Seven Deadly Sins.

Chapter 208 Recap. Seven Deadly Sins in now ready for reading at Manga Stream. The latest episode starts off with Elizabeth recovering from bad injuries after facing Indura. She then blasted her power of light that directly hit the monster. But, her power does not deal a lot of damage to kill Indura since her power of light is used to remove the monster away from the host.

The Archangels warned Elizabeth that "He" will be angry if she continues to do her path. Even with a large warning from the Archangels, she continues to conjure her spell. Melodias stood against the decision of the Archangels in helping Elizabeth remove Indura from the host. The rest of the party ended up helping Elizabeth and successfully removed Indura.

Chapter 209 Spoilers. Spoilers suggest that on Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 209, the Four Archangels will deal with the unconscious bodies of Monspeet and Derieri. Elizabeth was also predicted to undergo some healing process after consuming all of her energy dealing with Indura. Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 209 is set to be release on March 14th.

Netflix announcing Seven Deadly Sins Season 2 was on top of the headlines from the previous weeks. Fans have been anticipating the anime series return, but days have passed still no signs of Seven Deadly Sins Season 2. Now, the Seven Dealy Sins community felt deceived by Netflix in providing false advertising.

According to this source, Netflix aired four mini episodes miniseries, which is, in fact, OVAs released in Japan last August 2016. The accusations continued when Netflix advertised a banner claiming Seven Deadly Sins Season 2 will start streaming new episodes on February 17th. Netflix has not commented on the issue yet; AWN will provide updates as soon as it becomes available.

Many fans predicted that Seven Deadly Sins Season 2 would focus on the Ten Commandments Saga. Also, the upcoming season will reveal Hendricks return. It is rumored that the Ten Commandments Saga will be the final arc of the manga due to Nabaka Suzuki's health issues. Nonetheless, speculation declares season 2 to release a total of 24 episodes and is set to come between October 2017 to March 2018. As always, share us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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