‘Five Nights At Freddy’s: The Freddy's Files’ Book Coming Out To Unveil Hidden Mysteries Of “FNAF” Game

Mar 02, 2017 04:00 AM EST | Gerone Trish

"Five Nights at Freddy's: The Freddy Files" book spoilers have surfaced on the web recently. "FNAF" fans may first enjoy this very first official guidebook as they anticipate for the upcoming "Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location" movie. Interestingly, the new book will allow fans to delve deeper into the world of Freddy and discover hidden mysteries in the "Five Nights of Freddy's" game too.

"Five Nights at Freddy's" fans are up for some nice treat as the creator Scott Cawthon surprisingly released an official guidebook titled "The Freddy Files" for the lore. Spoilers for the "The Freddy Files" gave out significant details for the upcoming book as well as teasers for the video game of the franchise.

The phenomenal hit horror franchise "Five Nights at Freddy's" now has a manual for its fans. The official guidebook will assist the "FNAF" players to explore and understand further the mysteries and other facts about the franchise.

The description on the Amazon UK posting of "The Freddy Files" book says the new guide book will allow "FNAF" fans to be immersed deeper into the famous video game. The guide book gives the fans the chance to be more oriented with the gameplay, characters, locations and even storylines.

The best part of "The Freddy's Files" book is that it gives the players the chance to delve deeper into the game's plots. The new book features mysteries that were actually hidden within the game itself and will be first revealed through the book.

Moreover, the official guide book appears enticing as it also includes secrets that the players can unlock. "FNAF" players will surely enjoy the challenge in unlocking these secrets.

The description further notes that "The Freddy's Files" book includes mysteries behind the disappearing acts encountered in the "Five Nights at Freddy's" game. Fans will now have the chance to discover the reasons behind the disappearances.

In another report, the new book also features special sections which discuss the famous theories created in the game. "FNAF" fans will now learn more about "The Bite of '87 vs. The Bite of '83" theory. In addition, the theory on the probable identity of the Purple Guy featured in the "It's me" will also be discussed in the book, Latin Post reported.

The "Five Nights at Freddy's: The Freddy's Files" official guide book is set to be released on September 7 based on the Amazon posting.

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