Nintendo Switch Update: When The Battery Dies, Console Will Pause Game; Progress To Be Saved

Mar 01, 2017 08:25 AM EST | Lasitha


It has already been revealed that the upcoming Nintendo Switch can be undocked. After it is undocked, the device can be used as a handheld device. This raised concerns whether the players will lose all the unsaved progress when the battery dies. It is found that in case the Switch's battery was to suddenly die, the game will be paused. This will ensure that all the unsaved progress is not lost.

A test was conducted in which a game was played for three hours. While doing so the wi-fi feature was on and the screen brightness set to auto. It was ensured that no other applications or features were running in the background.

After three hours of play, the battery gave up. This actually confirmed Nintendo's claims that the battery runs for three hours. Later, after recharging the battery it was found that the game could be picked up where it was left off. This might turn out to be the unique selling proposition of the Switch as many players would want a device which pauses the game when the battery dies, reported Game Rant.

Also, if the gamers would want to carry the console around, this will become very useful. The feature will ensure that the progress is not lost and it will also ensure that the console is mobile.

The Switch will be launched in just a couple of days. The price and the battery will be the determining factors of the success of the device too. Many fans are waiting to see the performance of the Switch and how it operates under various real world scenarios.

Nintendo Switch is scheduled for launch on March 3, 2017. Once the device is launched it can be seen how ill it will perform. The success of the device will depend on that.

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