Glympse GPS App Allows Users To Share A Snap Of Their Current Location

Mar 01, 2017 07:40 AM EST | Leian N.

The Glympse GPS App, which can be utilized using Android, iOS, and Windows Phones, has updated its features that allow users to share snaps of their exact location in real time. In fact, the changes can be utilized in a faster way. How does it work?

First of all, the Glympse GPS App is a free application which was built to create cross-platform location sharing without giving the users a hard time to maneuver it. As reported by Digital Trends, apart from its ease-of-use functionality, users can now share a photo of their exact location and publish it through their social media accounts on specific destinations on the map. In fact, the estimated arrival times and travel speeds of users can be known with a quick message to individuals or groups. The application also allows them to request for the location of other users which is handy for people who want to know how long their expected visitors will arrive.

Furthermore, the Glympse GPS App could also be handy for outdoor seekers. A safety net which is necessary for emergency situations will be provided be the software. Whenever someone would need immediate help or lost on a trail, these users can utilize their app and share their current location and condition with others within their contacts. This will hasten the time needed for help to arrive.

In other news, My Smart Price reported that the Glympse GPS App is considered as one of the most significant apps that can be installed in the latest Samsung Gear 3 gadget. This device allows users to not only have a Wi-Fi connected device that records their location, the app itself would also serve as a compass for them which could come in handing during trekking activities.

The latest Glympse GPS App provides users the ability to share significant information of their whereabouts whenever they get lost in a trail or are in immediate need of assistance. In fact, the updates include the users' ability to take a snapshot of themselves which would be added information on top of the time of arrival and travel speed.

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