Did Bill Gates Finish The Apple vs Microsoft Debate?

Feb 28, 2017 12:20 PM EST | Leian N.

The Apple vs. Microsoft battle debate had been going on for years as to who really copied from whom. After all these contemplations, Bill Gates finally revealed his side of the story which may or may not has ended the dilemma for good. What did the billionaire have to say?

Co-founder of Microsoft and billionaire, Bill Gates, recently went forward and manifested his view on the prevailing Apple vs. Microsoft debate last Monday. Instead of saying that his product was the original one, Gates clarified that both brands were copycats - copycats of the revolutionary machine called Xerox.

As reported by CNET, Gates said that he and Steve Jobs, the co-founder of the Apple company, aided by the work that Xerox PARC did. In fact, he said that graphic interface was not originally created by the prevailing companies, Apple and Microsoft, but was the best work of the copy machine brand. The statement of the billionaire was manifested through the Reddit Ask Me Anything thread wherein he defended his company by saying that he and his colleagues did not violate the Intellectual Property rights of Xerox, but did help in the innovation of both Windows and Mac.

Gates further added that when they created computers that could process information and other functions that the human brain could, it was considered as a technological breakthrough. However, he referred to the computers of today as a shortcut for people to evade their distinct human capacity to think by utilizing his creations.

In other news, Stock News Journal reported that other than a battle of who was first with what, the Apple vs Windows battle is also prevalent in the stock market. At present, Microsoft manifested a high EPS growth of -4.90% in the last 5 years with a decline in earnings of 41.90%/ On the other hand, Apple has a rising stream of 010% on its total trade volume, maintained their return on investment for the last twelve months, and has higher EPS growth of 16.00% in the last five years.

In the race for wealth, the winning team in the Apple vs. Microsoft battle is the Mac creator. However, as Bill Gates put it, both his and Jobs' companies were not the firsts in a graphical interface. He ended with Xerox being the primary source of their innovative products.

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