Is The Ferrari 488 GTB Near Collision A Human Error Or Was It Because Of The Manetinno Mode?

Feb 28, 2017 10:10 AM EST | Hannah Jill

Ferrari's new 488 GTB sports car apparently shows its race car heritage with a recent report of a near fatal car crash involving the company's newest model. Surprisingly, the driver who was test driving Ferrari's newest compact sports car model, the Ferrari 488 GTB, avoided the collision.

In a video shown in the online edition of Auto Evolution, a British driver of a Ferrari 488 GTB just left the Goodwood enclosure, accelerated the car's speed, went into a fishtail and almost ran head-on into a Ford Mondeo. It is believed that the driver was a rookie in the use of the 488's Manettino mode.

It was also noted that the driver might have placed the fast car in the the Manettino mode. This allows the driver to choose from pre-set driving styles - seven in particular, depending on the track and the terrain the car has to go through, reported Autoexpress UK.

Basically, in the Ferrari 488, the driver gets to choose between Sport, Race, Wet, CT Off (Traction Control Off) and CST Off (Stability Control Off). Anything beyond the Sport mode gives the car the chance to fishtail because of the added power. This feature might have been too powerful for the Ferrari 488 GTB driver that he failed to manoeuvre it correctly.

It's a good thing no one was hurt in the Ferrari 488 GTB incident. It could have been fatal if the car sped up. The driver was really lucky as he was able to manage the car just in time before it collided with the Ford Madeo vehicle.

Speaking of "Power," the Ferrari 488 GTB gets its power from a 3.9 liter, twin turbo V8 engine, giving its driver a hellraising ride of a lifetime! Although the 488 GTB is still far in terms of the technical prowess of the 1.6 liters, V6 hybrid engine currently being used by Ferrari's Formula 1 car, it can be comparable in terms of driving power. It only means that this mighty car still comes close and is still at par with cars under its category.

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