Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid Might Overthrow Prius; Hyundai To Enter Hybrid Car Segment After Long Delay

Feb 27, 2017 09:10 AM EST | Lasitha

It can be said that Hyundai was a very late entrant in the hybrid car segment. The fact that the auto makers from Japan, who specialized in the technology, hesitated to sell it to the Korean car company, delayed things further for Hyundai.

Hyundai, rather than pursuing what it has been denied, went on to work on hydrogen fuel technology. The hydrogen fuel cell car is amazing as it uses hydrogen gas instead of gasoline and the exhaust will only be water vapor, reported Car and Driver.

To add on to the benefits, the hydrogen-fuel cars have a better range than electric-only cars. The charging of the cars is also much efficient as it takes way lesser time. At a hydrogen station, the car gets filled up in just a few minutes. And it is one of the purest fuels as it can be generated from even human waste.

However, Hyundai faced a problem as hydrogen stations were scarce. The success of a technology can be measured only by the number of vehicles that it has on the road. Toyota lived up to that. Now, after years of hydrogen-cell research, Hyundai had a huge gap to fill, reported Forbes.

Hyundai then made the first hybrid car, the Sonata hybrid, years ago. There was not much of engineering required as the automaker installed a gasoline-electric hybrid powerplant in the already existing Sonata. Slight changes were made to the design of the car to reduce the drag and the result was the automakers first hybrid ever.

After seven years of the launch of its first hybrid, Hyundai is now entering the market with a brand new hybrid car called Ioniq. It is reported that the new car has all the power to compete with the Prius.

As far as the specifications go, Ioniq is the world's first car to come with three power configurations: hybrid, plug-in hybrid and pure electric. In the U.S. market, the Ioniq hybrid has touched the markets this month. Hyundai announced that the electric version will be launched in spring and the plug-in hybrid will come in the winter.

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