‘For Honor’ Servers Down Due To Massive Player Influx; Ubisoft Now Very Strict With Cheating And Hacking

Feb 26, 2017 08:37 AM EST | Yen Palec


The massive popularity of the recently released "For Honor" title from Ubisoft can be explained with the recent server downtime. The game was inundated with hordes of players which caused Ubisoft's servers to give out resulting into a temporary downtime.

As of this writing, reports claim that the downtime only affects those players who are using the Uplay platform. Players using the Steam platform have yet to report any issue. Moreover, the downtime seems to affect only "For Honor" players on the desktop platform, the console version of the game seems to be working quite well, according to Express.

Around 50 percent of all "For Honor" PC gamers are using the Steam platform. Following the game's release on Saturday, in-game tracker revealed that 45,000 individual players are using the Steam platform to play. This is out of 83,000 total players playing on the PC platform. The remaining players are using the uPlay platform.

Prior to the recent server downtime, Ubisoft has waged its tough stance against cheaters. The French video game publisher recently reported that it has already banned more than 400 players from its recently launched "For Honor" title. Ubisoft is letting its message be known to players and does not hesitate to ban them even if it was just the first offense.

"For Honor" employs the EasyAntiCheat software. This enables game admins to easily detect players who are cheating or hacking the game for their own advantage. The software is also powerful enough to detect not only cheating but also offensive in-game behaviors. Ubisoft claims that it has banned 70 players due to violations of the game's code of conduct, specifically using offensive words when communicating with other players.

Ubisoft added that the bans are handed out on the account level and not at the hardware level. This means that users can simply sign-up for a new account if their current one was banned. The ban is not applicable to specific console or system. According to VG24/7, if players deemed that they are inappropriately banned, they can still appeal to game admins to have the ban lifted provided that they have valid reasons.


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