Sony Sells Almost Million PlayStation VR Headsets

Feb 28, 2017 08:20 AM EST | Leian N.

Since the console-based virtual reality feature of Sony was introduced, the company was reluctant to on how the product would last in the market. However, recent sales rose up to over a million PlayStation VR gadgets sold that its near-term future was declared secure by the company. Will this advanced technological experience of the gamers last or will another development surge in the tech game arena?

During an interview, Sony's Andrew House manifested that the company was surprised to have sold almost a million of the PlayStation VR on the market in only four months, reported Engadget. Although a million worth of sales is not that much for a tech product these days, House stated that they did not expect the product to earn multitudes of sales due to its price tag. In fact, House revealed that the play time in VR is becoming a trend in the market and although PlayStation VR is short, the support for games such as Resident Evil 7 paved the way for developers to craft more similar products.

With respect to the investments of rivals, PlayStation VR is the cheaper alternative. In fact, high-end PC VR headset and a computer powerful enough to handle the product is the pricier alternative compared to Sony's product.

 In other news, New York Times reported that people remained skeptical about virtual reality since the biggest thing was said to come along in years in games and entertainment. According to House, the product had been scarce in many stores, especially in Japan. However, they were able to reach the almost-million mark last February 19, 2017. The initial goal of the company was to sell a million in its first six months into the market but are currently at 915,000 this month. Therefore, Sony got more than they bargained for. Will they reach the mark?

 Sony's PlayStation VR headset is currently the most advanced gadget of the company to date. With rising sales and exceeding forecasted popularity, will the company continue to develop the product or create an even more advanced tech into the virtual reality gaming experience?

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