Lewis Hamilton Was Pulled In Race Car Driving Once Again By The Mercedes W08

Feb 24, 2017 09:20 AM EST | Paula

British racer Lewis Hamilton cannot seem to let go of racing especially when he's inside the Mercedes W08. Even though, he has dreams of living a life beyond race car driving.

Aside from race cars, Hamilton has been into fashion, music and surfing. He admitted to Telegraph that there were times that he will find himself getting lost in this things.

Until he was introduced to Mercedes W08 that is specifically designed to sustain the Silver Arrows Supremacy. Apparently, this is the thing that pulls him back into racing.

 "I can understand the feeling of wanting to stop and do something different. Now and again I have a thought about what I do afterward. But then I see the car," Lewis Hamilton admitted.

The new addition to the Mercedes cars had wonderful aesthetics and was considered technological find. Mercedes W08 is very different from its other rival teams because it does not have a shark-fin design.

Despite this, the car remains to be aerodynamic with its elegant front wings and long sidepods that can counter turbulence on its rear tires. It is also rumored to harbor an engine that can easily beat its competitors.

Managing Director Andy Cowell explained that they made significant improvements on their engines. Even though their ERS system is still similar to what they used in 2014, they made improvements on the engines reliability, Auto Sport reported.

"Is it the same for this year? No it is not, there is an improvement in the high power switches they are more efficient. There are several improvements in reliability within the box, which means we can run it harder for longer," Cowell revealed.

He explained that they are also vulnerable to having cooling system changes because of the heating effects it had within the module. It can be remembered that Lewis Hamilton had an engine failure at the 2016 Malaysian Grand Prix.

Mercedes believe that using this engines will avoid incidents like engine failure. Just recently, Automotive News reported that Mercedes introduced its first off-roader car. With the new engine used for Mercedes W08, one can assume that it will be hard defeating Mercedes this year.

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