2018 Ford EcoSport HoneyComb Cargo

Feb 24, 2017 11:01 PM EST | Ileen Jasmine

The release of the 2018 Ford EcoSport is much-anticipated by car enthusiasts everywhere. Recently, Ford revealed one of the compact crossover's most helpful features.

This new feature is the increase in the 2018 EcoSport's cargo space. Ford's design team got the inspiration from one of nature's most efficient builders: the honey bees.

This new feature gives the all-new EcoSport an adjustable cargo shelf. This is made from "high-strength 100 percent recycled paper honeycomb."

The fact that Ford was able to create something out of recycled honeycomb is already amazing on its own. But that's not all. This cargo shelf can support up to 700 pounds.

It is a six-pound floorboard cargo space constructed from a combination of all-natural paper and water-based glue. It measures 38.5 inches by 25.25 inches.

The new honeycomb panel based on paper is adjustable to four different positions. The four different positions can be achieved by sliding it into one of three slots in the trunk and placing it against the rear seats.

It can also be adjusted by simply removing it entirely. In the latest EcoSport released by Ford, this new feature is highlighted.

Ford demonstrates to its viewers how this lightweight floorboard can hold more than one hundred times its weight. They also showed multiple combinations of cargo it can hold.

"The hexagonal design of honeycomb is a testament to nature's ingenuity," says Mike Mazzella, the Ecosport's assistant chief engineer. "Not only is it strong; it's super light. Customers can slide the shelf into multiple different slots like an oven rack; even store it on the back of the seats. It helps make EcoSport super-flexible in everyday use."

Fans are hoping that Ford plans to include this adjustable cargo shelf in other future models across its lineup. After all, it is such a simple design, yet its capability is impressive.

The 2018 Ford EcoSport is expected to arrive in North America early next year. Keep checking back on Auto World News for more update.

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