Nintendo Switch News: Internal Storage Disappointingly Not Enough For One Known Launch Title

Feb 24, 2017 07:00 AM EST | JP Olvido

The Nintendo Switch is already coming under fire even before its release. One of the launch titles for the gaming console reportedly requires 32GB of external storage to run.

 Nintendo Switch features only 32GB of internal storage. The Switch's internal storage is only a disappointing 32 gigabytes. It is so small that one launch title actually requires a 32GB microSD card to run successfully.

This came after a new list of Switch game titles were recently released. The game, Dragon Quest Heroes I+II, is so massive that it definitely won't fit on the Switch. The info page of the game actually says that a microSD card with 32 GB or more is separately required.

Players do not have access to the whole Switch's 32GB internal storage. Take away the needed space for the console's operating system and built-in apps and one only ends up with 25.9 gigabytes.

The digital copy of the game Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild already takes up 13.4 gigabytes of space alone. Having the game installed will leave only 12.5 gigabytes of internal storage left.

The console does offer support for cartridge-based games. The Switch's cartridges are in fact no bigger in size than a standard SD card. However, players who prefer digital copies of their favorite games will definitely have to invest in microSDs for a full Nintendo Switch experience.

Unfortunately, expandable storage is not that cost-effective. In addition, they don't come in terabytes as of the moment. The largest known expandable storage size is only at 512 gigabytes which costs more or less US$200.00. Unless expandable storage will become cheaper and come in larger sizes soon, a player's best bet would be to invest in cartridge-based game titles and to utilize internal and external storage space for game data and copies of games that are only released digitally.

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