Dragon Ball Super Episode 81 Official Jump Preview: Zeno Is Innocently Against Goku? Episode 82 and 83 Titles Revealed!

Feb 23, 2017 08:07 AM EST | Jayde Winston


Dragon Ball Super Episode 80 and 81's official spoilers have been revealed, and when everybody knew where the new Universe Survival Arc is going, a decision by Zeno have to change the entire tone of the series. Also, upcoming titles for Dragon Ball Super Episode 82 and 83 revealed. Here is the latest news for Dragon Ball Super the Universe Survival Arc.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 81 entitled "Crusher Bergamo vs. Son Goku! Which Has Sky-High Strength?!" is the last match for the Omni-Present game. As always, Herms98 provided the translation for the official synopsis of Dragon Ball Super Episode 81.

"The Omni-Present Match comes to a head! Does Goku have a shot at victory?! The Final Battle of the Omni-Present Match is Goku vs. Bergamo! Bergamo uses some slick talking to get the stadium on Universe 4's side, turning them completely against Goku and the gang! What's more, Bergamo shows off his ability to turn his opponent's attacks into his power! How will Goku fight this tricky foe?"

In this part of the official synopsis, fans are bound to witness the epic battle between Bergamo and Son Goku. Although the majority of the Dragon Ball community agrees that Son Goku will win the match, Bergamo will not be an easy opponent. His skills of copying Son Goku will be his advantage.

Reports suggest that Bergamo might end up copying Son Goku's Super Saiyan Blue capabilities which are going to be interesting if the prediction is proven to be true. Also, the official synopsis featured Universe 4 turning against Son Goku. It is evident that most of the Universes hate Son Goku for persuading Zeno to come up with the Tournament of Power. Some assumed it is Universe 9 instead of Universe 4 since everyone hasn't seen what Universe 4 is all about.

Nonetheless, Universe 4 will be a game changer or twist invoker for the entire Universe Space Survival arc. "Crusher Bergamo shows his stuff!! Omni-King This Week: taking back his declaration to wipe out the universes?! Accepting Bergamo's proposal, Omni-King announces that is Universe 4 wins; he will withdraw his plan to destroy universes who lose in the Tournament of Power! What is Omni-King's aim?!"

The second part of the synopsis revealed an interesting twist for the Tournament of Power. Zeno will change his decision once Goku is defeated. Is Zeno innocently against Goku or the other way around? Well, fan theories suggest that Zeno believes in Goku's capabilities the reason he accepts Bergamo's proposal.

Meanwhile, titles for Dragon Ball Super Episode 82 and 83 has been revealed. For Dragon Ball Super Episode 82, the title will be "The Righteous Warrior Toppo Bursts In," while Dragon Ball Super Episode 83 is "Forming the Universe 7 Representative Team." Dragon Ball Super Episode 81 airs March 5th, while Dragon Ball Super Episode 82 and 83 is on March 19th and 26th respectively.

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