‘Halo Wars 2’ Now Available; Game Critics Says It Lacks The Wow Factor It Should Have

Feb 23, 2017 09:22 AM EST | Paula

"Halo Wars 2" is now available in PC and XBOX One today. Sadly, Game critics did not give favorable reviews to the game. 

It has the same space soldier marine, vehicles and weapons. It still has cut scenes about the ongoing fight of humans against the aliens lead by General Atriox.

The Verge reported that this game is similar to other strategy games like "Command and Conquer" and "StarCraft." There will be different intense missions for players with limited time, resources and troops that allows players to go beyond attacking their enemies and defending their selves.

The game might have been well structured in XBOX One but players might experience some control problems. The game is easier to play using mouse and keyboard in PC because the console version relies on analog sticks that can be sometimes imprecise.

"Halo Wars 2" also has a new Blitz mode feature that actually needs new cards that cost around $14.95. In the Blitz mode, players would not have to deal with base buildings but they would have to rely on skill cards to call for back up.

There might be a problem with the PC and XBOX One version balancing act. It is regularly competent and occasionally great but the console can be too precise and the PC too simple, Critics claim.

PC World believes that "Halo Wars 2" is just an average version of the RTS game. They explained that it is not the "The Game" players would have wanted.

They said that it does not have the "Oh wow, it's brilliant!" factor to it. The Blitz Mode might have done that but it is hampered by the monetary system that comes with it.

If there is one things fans can look forward to it is the Warthog that can still be found in "Halo Wars 2." Years ago, Microsoft created a Warthog out of a Hummer H1 that Automotive News reported comes with a night vision. The game might not have great reviews but it is still a wonderful strategy game.

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